Master Hair Designer

photo of Gracy, Master Hair Designer Gracy
Gracy International Hair Design
1259 Morena Blvd STE C
San Diego, CA, 92110 USA

Gracy is a born Brazilian and with her "magic fingers" has been bringing health to the hair of her clients since 1996.  After immigrating to the US with her family, she began studying for her cosmetology degree and license in New York.  Working in upscale salons in New York City, traveling from there to Europe and Brazil, Gracy continued to make people incredibly happy with their hair, looks and self-esteem.  Returning to the states she decided to move to California.  In 2010 she opened her own International Hair Design Salon.  Enjoy!
HOURS: Monday through Saturday - by appointment only. If we are in and available, we’ll gladly take walk-ins! Sunday- closed