Enjoy a relaxing, revitalizing massage at Gracy International Hair Design. Our massage therapists offer therapeutic and beneficial massage services that reduce stress, muscle tension, and improve circulation. For the best massage in San Diego - come experience the relaxing bliss you deserve and book your appointment today.

Massage Type   60 min.      90 min.
Cupping Therapy   | 30 mins. -  $50                 $90 (includes massage)           $110 (includes massage)
This ancient Chinese therapy is known to relax muscles, improve circulation and detoxify the
body naturally by stimulating the Lymphatic system.  It is also great to reduce cellulite!  Fire 
cupping, Silicone cupping, and Face Rejuvenation cupping therapy are available.
Circulatory Massage   $70   $90
Number one Recommended body work for any client, regardless of age or condition.
The focus of this massage is to move blood from all the tissues back to the heart.
Brings back the nervous system attention to “unattended” parts of the body. Very
relaxing and reinvigorating.
Zen Touch   $70   $90
This style of body work is Influenced by Shiatsu and Thai Massage. It is performed
on a floor mat, with the client fully clothed (socks and stretchy material clothing is
recommended). It can be considered a non-painful version of Shiatsu mixed with
stretching moves. The focus of this body work is balancing meridian points that are
out of balance, navigating through the entire chakra map.
Deep Tissue Massage & Neuro-Muscular Therapy
  $70   $90
Deep Tissue is a very popular style of body work, yet very commonly mal-practiced.
Our therapists use very little oil to no oil at all, allowing the muscles themselves to set
the pace of the session. That means: we do not force the muscle to move, we only
move when the muscle allows us to. That permits a very deep work with the less
amount of pain possible. For a full body session we recommend 90 mins.
Russian Sports Massage   $70   $90
Developed by Russian Olympic athlete’s trainers, this style of body work is one of the
only styles that mimics the sport itself. Therefore it can increase one’s athletic performance
up to 30 % when incorporated in a training routine. It is also great to protect the body from
contusions and expedite the healing process when a sport accident happens.
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy   $70   $90
Many medical studies are showing the importance of our Lymphatic system as a
fundamental part of our organism that “cleans” our cells therefore fighting infection.
Having a healthy, active lymphatic system can prevent many serious diseases
including some types of cancer. It is also known to reduce the amount of fluid in
our cells witch can create a healthy body appearance and even reduce the amount
of visible cellulite. The Lymphatic system can only be activated through
exercise or hand manipulation, since it doesn’t have a pump like our circulatory
system has the heart. Health wise, it is one of the most beneficial styles of body work
there is.
Parasympathetic Massage   $70   $90
Our parasympathetic system is our relaxing system. This style of body work focuses in
activating that system to bring, above anything, a better sleeping experience to the client.
Our body “cleans” itself at a cellular level during our sleep. It is when we “detoxify” and
literally get ready for our life. That’s why, before a good diet or exercising, sleeping is so
fundamental for a healthy balanced life. A well done 1 hour Parasympathetic massage
session can resemble an entire night of sleep.
Trigger Point Therapy   $70   $90
This type of therapy is usually included in other styles of body work when the client
presents trigger points. Trigger points are points in our body that reflect pain to different
parts of our body. Our therapists use a very non-painful technique that works mostly
around the trigger point, deactivating it.
Chair Massage        $1 per minute
Chair massage is done fully clothed on a professional massage chair. The techniques used
can be many but are mostly circulatory, stretching and deep massage techniques to address
specific aches and discomforts right away. Even a full body massage can be done on the chair.
We recommend at least 20 mins.
3 - 1 hour Massages              $180
6 - 1 hour Massages              $330
3 - 90 mins. Massages              $240
6 - 90 mins. Massages              $450
*packages expire in 6 months from date of purchase.    

HOURS: Monday through Saturday - by appointment only. If we are in and available, we’ll gladly take walk-ins! Sunday- closed